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To support a political cause or point of view, propaganda is “information, especially of a biased or misleading nature,” as defined by Google. It’s also the name of a socially conscious online slot game created by ELK Studios. The more time you spend mentally examining Propaganda’s bleak society, the more unsettling it becomes. Wilds, multiplier wilds, Wild Strikes, the progressive win multiplier, a bonus game, a Super bonus game, and X-iter feature purchase game modes can all be found in this engrossing slot machine game.

Propaganda, when it appears on the television, is worth pausing to consider. There are… people? living in there? At least they’re bipedal humans, but they’re concealed behind masks or have blank white faces with black spots where their eyes should be. They cluster together next to the decaying wall, which is now topped with barbed wire and monitored by security cameras. Have they just broken in, are they attempting to escape, or have their spirits been so destroyed that all they can do is stand around looking sad and dejected? While we’re at it, are they staring out accusingly, curiously, or waiting for the audience to take charge of a revolution? It was entertaining to attempt to deduce what was going on, but ultimately, we may never know for sure.

Each round of Propaganda features the introduction of 36 new symbols into the game’s 6-column, 6-row grid. When five or more matching symbols line up in a horizontal or vertical formation, a prize is awarded. While the stakes range from 20 p/c to £/€100 for each paid drop, players may expect a potential return value of 95% whether playing regularly or in bonus mode via the X-iter menu.

Flowers, globes, more flowers, and a dove make up the low-paying symbols in Propaganda, while megaphones, handguns, hand grenades, and explosives are the premiums. Clusters of 5 symbols pay out at a rate of 0.05 to 1.5x the wager, and clusters of 15 or more symbols pay out at a rate of 2.5x to 50x the wager. It might not seem like a great deal at first, but the potential multipliers will make it clear. Finally, Propaganda features a slew of non-standard characters. Its primary use is to act as a replacement for any other normal pay sign.

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When a winning cluster appears on the grid, the action begins. If it occurs, the Avalanche feature will replace the winning symbols with more symbols falling into position, including a wild sign in one of the spots. When no further successes occur, the avalanche stops. However, that’s not all. Any subsequent payouts on the active paid drop are multiplied by the sum of the winning cluster’s symbol counts. If no more wins happen, the multiplier will be reset for the following paid drop.

Addictive Wilds

Multiplier wilds appear on the reels in addition to the standard wilds. Each multiplier wild adds its value to a winning cluster before adding it to the overall multiplier. Multiple winning clusters are divided up when multiplier wilds join multiple clusters. Multiple multiplier wilds in a winning cluster will combine into a single multiplier wild with a value equal to the sum of their individual multipliers (regular wilds will function as though they had multipliers of x1).

Bold Attack

After the Wild Strike is triggered, any number of pay symbols on the board will be replaced by wilds or multiplier wilds at random.

Freebie Item

If you load at least 3 bonus symbols, you’ll get 7 drops for free. The total multiplier does not reset between drops in the bonus game, which is the fundamental difference between the standard game and the bonus game. If a Super bonus symbol appears, the bonus round will be upgraded to a Super bonus round. Additionally, flag symbols on the ground result in bonus loot.

Extraordinary Gamble

When 3 bonus symbols and 1 Super bonus symbol appear simultaneously, the Super bonus round is activated. It’s just like the bonus game, except that on every free drop, you’re guaranteed a Super Wild Strike, which may turn any symbol into a wild multiplier. When flag symbols are present, additional loot drops are granted as previously.


By pressing the X-iter button, players who qualify for the bonus round can access one of five game modes.

With Bonus Hunt, doubling your wager increases your chances of launching the bonus round by 100%!

A symbol drop that results in a Wild Strike pays out 10 times the wager.

Super Wild Strike: A symbol drop that results in a Super Wild Strike pays out 25 times the wager.

Free spins: 100 times your wager.

The Super Bonus game may be purchased at 500 times the initial wager.

Slot Verdict Propaganda

If you want a glimpse into the future, as O’Brien put it in the novel 1984, “imagine a boot stamping on a human face,” or try out Propaganda. Although the future shown by ELK Studios is grim, it is also surprisingly timely. It made me think of the black swan scenario, in which a chain of catastrophic events is set in motion, sending humanity spiraling into a totalitarian state in which a small group of elites monitors everyone’s every move and thought in a brutal attempt to keep a lid on the situation, but ultimately succeeds only in crushing the human spirit until the populace becomes a faceless, nameless mass huddled around borders and food distribution points collecting their daily ration of protein.

Features of propaganda are not less thought-provoking or expertly developed. Avalanches can generate wilds, wild multipliers can show up, symbols can combine, divide, add to one another, and wins may be reflected off of the total win multiplier in an exciting feedback loop. You can see why, with so much multiplication potential, cluster values are a tad on the low side and there can be a fair number of dead spins. It’s a thrilling trade-off, and successful clusters can quickly grow into formidable structures thanks to Propaganda’s arsenal. The snowball effect is in full effect because to the skillful weaving together of wilds, multipliers, and Avalanches in Propaganda, which may combine to form exciting chains of winnings. It has a greater return to player percentage (RTP) than recent slots from ELK Studio, and its maximum payout of 10,000x the wager is respectable as well.

When it came to making slots, ELK Studios truly stepped up with Propaganda, a game that shows about as much complexity as it does unique gaming. You may put Propaganda in the same category as films like Remember Gulag and The Border. When everything is clicking, Propaganda is as timely, thought-provoking, somewhat terrifying, and enormously amusing as a piece of Banksy street art.