Review of the Ghostbusters Triple Slime Online Slot

Following the massive popularity of the original Ghostbusters slot machine, IGT has released Ghostbusters Triple Slime, a game with even more reel-busting action.

Ghostbusters Triple Slime, based on the 1984 film and not the 2017 remake, has Peter Venkman, Ray Stantz, and Egon Spengler battling Slimer the green ghost and the terrifying Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man throughout 5 reels. It employs IGT’s MultiWays Xtra format, which has proven to be rather successful in a number of their slot machines.

You earn rewards by matching symbols from the left or right side of the reels, but your winnings are increased if there are several instances of the winning symbol on a reel. However, this is not the only intriguing aspect of the Ghostbusters Triple Slime slot game.

The Slimer Scatter Bonus feature spins a wheel to provide cash rewards, while the Triple Slime Bonus feature requires you to connect ghosts with arrows to win up to 2,919 times your entire wager when playing for real money.

Ghostbusters Triple Slime can be played on Android devices, iPhones, and iPads since it is completely suited for mobile play. It can be found at many of the finest online casinos. Read our review, then join the group and experience what this eerie slot game has to offer.

Ghostbusters Triple Slime Slot Management and Configuration

MultiWays Xtra makes it simpler than ever to get started, since your stake is already set to 50 coins and you just need to choose the coin denomination. If coins are set to the minimum value of 0.01, the total bet per spin is 0.50, and if they are set to the maximum value of 5.00, the total bet per spin is 250.00.

Naturally, there are many possibilities in between, making Ghostbusters Triple Slime suitable for gamers of any budget. There is a simple on/off Auto option that spins the reels automatically up to 50 times. The excessively catchy Ghostbusters theme plays, which adds to the enjoyment, however you may want to dial down the volume on the mobile version if you are out and about.

Click the Paytable tab underneath the game to see the value of each symbol and how the extra features operate. Multiples of the coin value are awarded when matching symbols fall across the reels from either side, and winnings are doubled when several winning symbols appear on a single reel.

While we haven’t counted them ourselves, IGT is a reputable and trustworthy developer with one of the greatest reputations in the industry, so we’ll take their word for it.

Ghostbusters Triple Slime Gameplay and Extra Characteristics

The reels are coated in slime and placed against a backdrop of a dark New York City street where a variety of spooky ghosts may leap out at you. Aside from the insignia of the cast members, the majority of the game is rendered in a cartoon manner, with some great animations shown when a player is victorious.

Similar to other MultiWays Xtra slots with 720 ways to win, the reels are of unequal size, having 3, 4, 5, 4, 3 symbols per reel. The lowest value symbol is comprised of ghost-finding goggles, the detector, the Keymaster’s helmet, and a proton pack. All of the symbols are from the film Ghostbusters.

Also depicted are the Ecto-1 vehicle, three of the characters (but not Winston Zeddemore), and the Ghostbusters logo. This logo pays out 200 times your wager if it appears on all five reels, and more if it appears numerous times on any reel.

Stay-Puft is a wild symbol that may substitute for any of the symbols mentioned above to form a winning combination. He won’t be able to play as Slimer or the ghost gang, since they initiate the extra rounds.

The Slimer scatter feature is a reel-based bonus in which three or more scatter symbols transform into bonus wheels, each of which spins to reveal a win multiplier. You may win up to 75 times your wager if Slimer appears on all five reels. When the wheels spin, the green figure grins and waves his arms in some adorable animations.

However, the finest function is activated when three or more ghost symbols appear. The Triple Slime bonus round provides rewards if you choose ghosts that show identical arrows. This link leads you to a wheel of fate that generates a coin win and multiplier.